Get Your Extra Income Blogging

Another way to generate extra income is by writing blogs. Blogging is a simple way to start earning money online and does not require too many resources or initial investment, and if you are good or fan of a topic, it can even be fun.

To begin your new website, just go to one of the sites who offer host your blog for free:, are examples of the most popular sites to choose from.

Now you can start writing about your favorite topic and add additional information such as videos or comment on articles or links to other related sites that you consider interesting.

If you write something useful, no doubt that your followers will be waiting for you to write a new article. Updating your blog marks its pulse, and that’s what search engines are looking to give your blog a better ranking on the web.

Now it’s time to monetize your blog, but you must have full control of appearance: in its early stages you may have noticed that in the free hosting blog you can not promote things like you want, and neither of most of the revenue.

To have full control over your blog you should register a name and a service to host it, you can find many options for a few dollars.

With your hosting service ready and the name of your blog registered, yow must start the blogging service, which is already included with hosting, but you have to give good looks with a theme and a good layout. You can do it yourself by reading some tutorials and searching something on Google or pay up to $ 20 for someone to do it for you.

With everything ready, you will discover that there are no rules for your blog: you can write articles of 500 words, or some shorter than just reflect your mood, whether the information is useful, your followers will visit your blog regularly. You should also mark your blog on social bookmarking sites and sign up for social networking sites: if you create a good signature and a good profile, you will attract even more readers to your site

Now it’s time to make a profit with your blog: Google AdSense is the best example, but there are other ways to get income related to writing, for example comment on certain issues and get paid for it: Pay Per Post and Review Me are good examples of sites that will pay you to write comments on websites or new products.

And once your comments are in place and are seen by many people, you can ask for a small fee for those wishing to advertise on your page.

And best of all is that then… you can sell your blog! There are always people buying traffic sites to start a new business without the disadvantage of starting from scratch.

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