Mobility Scooters – Live and Let Live?

As a society in Britain today we seem to have major hang-ups with AGE, and OBESITY. It is unfashionable to be old, and not still trying to live like a person 20 years our junior, why aren’t we off travelling the world, scuba diving, whilst learning a new language? The fact is that we get older every second of every day, its life, and whilst we all want to enjoy it to the full, we each have our own way of doing that, and our own set of circumstances deciding what our “full” looks like.

Health is not a given right, it is a blessing for those that have it, and something we should all strive to maintain. Some people however are just healthier than others, its genetics, lifestyle, environment and a hundred other factors that influence our wellbeing, and whilst we all have to take responsibility for trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle illness happens.

When illness occurs it can have a dramatic effect physically, but more importantly mentally on an individual. An outgoing, positive person can quickly become depressed, and isolated when unable to maintain their lifestyle, and independence. Long term illness or immobility requires an individual to adapt, to create a new lifestyle within their limitations.

Within this new lifestyle a Mobility Scooter can be a lifeline. The ability to again have the freedom and independence previously enjoyed is invaluable, and enables the user to live a much fuller life within the confines of their illness/disability.

Immobility has other far-reaching side effects. If your mobility reduces due to arthritis, or joint replacement or a host of other ailments your ability to exercise daily is reduced also, which in turn increases your weight, which can then aggravate the reason for immobility etc. It is a vicious spiral, which happens gradually, from the first visit to the doctors with pain or discomfort to months or years down the line when diagnosis and acceptance of a life-long condition have taken their toll on your weight 3 wiel scootmobiel

Anyone who has ever had a weight issue will tell you that to take control of your weight you must have the right attitude. Sitting at home day after day, reliant on others, is not conducive to a positive frame of mind, and will not give you the confidence, or strength to start to make small changes to improve your health. Getting back into the world will, and whilst it may strange to advocate using a Mobility Scooter, improving your mental state can be the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Surely it is better to “Scoot to the Shops” then walk around as much as you are able, than remain housebound, and immobile. Any activity has to be a positive step.

Ignorance is it bliss, or bigotry?

There seems to be stereotypical view that Mobility Scooter users are all old, fat, and out of control. Calls for official training and testing, mandatory eyesight tests, banned road use, are all phrases I encounter daily.

These views however do not correspond to the Mobility Scooter users I meet, who are all ages, all sizes and very much in control of their Scooters, and their daily lives. They are not hurtling themselves around the supermarket, holding up traffic on “busy roads” or using a Scooter because they are too lazy to walk!

The laws governing the use of Mobility Scooters are quite clear. Mobility Scooters can only be ridden by a person with a disability or medically recognised illness. They must be over the age of 14, and abide by the rules laid out in the Highway Code. Mobility Scooters CAN travel on the road in the same way a cyclist does, obeying all the same road rules, providing the Scooter can travel up to 8MPH, and has lights & indicators front and rear.

A Mobility Scooter uses clean energy, does not pollute our environment and reduces traffic on already congested roads. They are not noisy or unsightly; they are simply an electric bike in another form.

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