Carpet cleaning Melbourne

After a hard day at work you may find yourself looking forward to a nice relaxing walk through the city, but with so many different types of carpets and it’s lovely carpet cleaning Melbourne can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some useful tips to help you tackle the problem.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’re cleaning the carpets properly. This means getting the appropriate vacuum cleaner or broom. If there are children or pets in the home, make sure that you don’t go in without any cover.

Once you have your tools, and the proper techniques it’s time to start cleaning. And remember you don’t have to just wipe the carpet dry, you can add in more tasks.

Get a broom and use it to scrub all the parts of the carpet, which can be difficult to reach. If there is a hard layer or something you may not be able to reach it should be removed with your vacuum. Don’t be afraid to throw anything that’s soft or water resistant away.

You may find it handy to clean the window to get the air into the room, to help freshen up your surroundings. However make sure you don’t wipe the dust off too much, if you wipe a bit too much it will be much harder to clean and not as effective. Get the vacuum and clean all the windows and glass from top to bottom, you may also need to sweep the outside of the window, this can take quite a while.

Most rooms have a couple of areas where you need to work at. The first is the center of the room, often this area will be the biggest mess, as you may have to reach very high. The second is the top of the room which will usually have some carpets, this will normally have to be cleaned using your vacuum.

Remember to remove all the rubber mat that’s sticking to the surface of the carpet. This is very difficult to clean, use a sponge, and wash off the mat gently, after you’ve washed off the mat you can then use your vacuum to get rid of all the residue. Do this area once, then move onto the next area.

If you have some tough spots you can use a sponge to make sure they get clean. But remember don’t put too much pressure on the carpet, you need to let it stay moist. You can also leave the area wet before moving on to the next part.

Moving onto the next step, the part of the carpet which has had the most water, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the remaining water. You may find it helpful to soak up some water and a rag in a bucket. Use the water to clean up the area and use the rag to rinse the entire area.

Now you’re ready to get the carpet cleaned. You need to use your vacuum cleaner to clear all the water, and remember to wipe it with a damp cloth afterwards. Then you can brush the carpet with a soft toothbrush, this can help to spread the dirt around, but try not to rub it as it can cause further damage.

The carpet will then have to be vacuumed up using a brush, make sure you don’t get any streaks in the carpet, this will make it look worse. Make sure you keep an eye on the carpet while you’re doing this, if you’re not careful you can end up with a stained carpet. After all is done it’s best to let the carpet air dry.

Nicholas Johnson